Detailed information about the residential mortgage process, required documents, popular home loan programs, Government financing objectives, etc. 

Know what is required of a home buyer and best practices for a successful transaction. This package includes detailed information regarding home loan programs, products, strategies, and resources. 

Download the Home Financing Guide

This packet includes common home buyer oversights made during a transaction. Avoid these items listed to ensure a timely and smooth closing. Always feel free to check with our team for any questions or concerns. 

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Feel nervous about selling your home before you buy or buying a home before you sell? See the options highlighted in this package to help any homeowners sell their home and buy another with ease. 

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See the best practices during any real estate transactions. Prepare early for an organized home loan during the entire process. 

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Know what you can afford
House Hunting
View active listings within your budget/style
Accepted Offer
Purchase agreement is made, loan disclosures are prepared
Loan Disclosures
Loan disclosures are received, appraisal is now ordered.
Initial Underwriting Approval
Conditions are requested by underwriting in order to proceed with the loan.
Clear to Close
Underwriting conditions are met, closing date and location are organized
Closing DIsclosure
Exact cash to close is provided 1-2 days before closing date.
Closing Day
All parties join to sign closing documents and exchange keys.