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What does this mean?

CMA Certified Mortgage Advisor™ is designed to educate and elevate the level of mortgage professionals knowledge and interpretation of our industry.

This program encompasses 30 years of Barry Habib’s mortgage market and economics experience into a fast-paced and exciting designation for today’s Loan Officers.

Our Loan Originators are different in 4 important ways:
  1. We’ve dedicated our businesses to helping you and other consumers understand how to chose a reputable experienced Loan Officer. That is why our association has published this consumer guide and offers our consumers awareness messages.
  2. Our members have been through extensive training and testing. This ensures you will receive professional, no-hassle mortgage service.
  3. For your protection, CMA enforces the strictest code of ethics in the mortgage industry. 
  4. With the CMA customer protection program, you always have a place to turn for answers and assistance with your mortgage service.

Understanding and knowing how the market works and what to expect helps create a unique mortgage experience for every buyer. With this designation, Victor can explain the trends in the market based on supply and demand and how these effect our current and future rates. Learn the functionality of how bonds really work and how they affect your every day life.

Ever need a helping hand in understanding and interpreting certain economic reports? Victor will sit down and go step by step through the overall market, interest rates, the housing industry, and what to predict. Know now ‘where mortgage money comes from.’

Trust in Victor not only with this designation but also is 20+ years of success in the Mortgage industry.

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